Analog Recording Consoles:

The custom built 32 channel main console was designed with high end Burr-Brown opamps and Panasonic film capacitors throughout. A custom star grounding scheme and balanced AC power supply yield an exceptionally low noise floor. It offers sound quality rivaling or even exceeding many of the high end stock consoles I use in other studios. Four band shelf/sweep EQ is available on all channels, and eight busses and six aux sends including stereo cue with separate small faders complete the design picture. The Burr-Brown opamps were hand picked from among numerous other esoteric alternatives after extensive listening tests. The result is a warm, rich, clear, sweet sound with very high headroom and exceptional depth and dimension in the soundstage.

An Allen And Heath rackmount console provides an additional 16 channels of returns to the console for larger analog mixing projects. A second A&H mixer is also available for up to 64 full featured channel strips (4 band EQ and 6 sends) returning to the mix

Console Automation:.

A 60 channel JL Cooper MAGI automation system is normalled to the first 48 mix channels (or hard switch bypassed), and can be patched into 12 of the remaining 16. It uses a Mac 8100/100 as a software host, and has a comprehensive feature set including numerous write/update modes, on or offline editing of fades and mutes, and faders that move graphically on the 15” screen display above the right monitor speaker. It’s a powerful, proven system that has been successfully used in the studio for many years.

DAW Mixing And Control Surfaces:

A Mackie Control Universal and an 8 channel Mackie Control Expander (16 channels total, plus master fader) handle DAW mixing and other controller duties for Pro Tools, Digital Performer and Logic. When in use, they sit conveniently right on top of the analog console. The rest of the time they’re unobtrusively stored nearby. Removable panel templates are available for each software platform’s unique control layout scheme. Transport control, solos, mutes, panners, aux sends and numerous other features are made much more readily accessible and faster using these instead of a mouse.

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Consoles And DAW
 Control Surfaces

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