Acoustic Guitars:

2005 Huss & Dalton CM Custom flamed maple
2001 Gibson J-45 Custom Vine Rosewood slope shouldered dreadnought
1998 Larrivee D10 Custom Brazilian Rosewood dreadnought
2005 Blueridge BR-143 (Martin 000-18 style)
1996 Takamine Nylon String Classical

Electric Guitars:

1958 Fender Stratocaster
1970 Fender Solid Rosewood Telecaster (like George Harrison’s)
1977 Les Paul Custom
2005 Gretsch 1962 Country Classic (reissue of Country Gentleman)
2008 Fender Stratocaster Classic Player 1958 reissue
2004 Fender Precision Bass
2005 Carter S-10 10 String Pedal Steel (3 pedals, 4 knee levers)

Electric Guitar Amplifiers:

1966 Fender Princeton Reverb (thanks, Marc!)
2005 Roland MicroCube

Electric Guitar Effects:

Roland Boss Super Overdrive
Roland Boss Flanger
Roland Boss Noise Gate
Ibanez Stereo Chorus
Electro Harmonix Small Stone
Ross Distortion
‘65 Gibson Maestro Fuzz Tone

Keyboards and Sound Modules:

1960’s Yamaha G2 5’7” Grand Piano. Professionally tuned, voiced and maintained
Alesis QS8 88-note weighted midi controller/synth
Roland JV-1080 with Orchestra and Session expansion cards
Roland S-760 sampler with large library of sounds
Akai S900 with huge library of sounds
Yamaha TX-802
Roland MKS-70 analog synthesizer
Alesis D4 drum module
Yamaha RM-50 drum module
Roland Juno 60 analog synthesizer with Roland MD-8 midi adapter

Drums and Percussion:

Whenever possible, I bring clients to larger commercial studios for rock drum kit recording (or for other very loud sources), and engineer the sessions there. For quieter drumming, or overdubbing of parts of a kit as percussion, the following instruments are available:

‘64 Singerland 22” bass drum, 16x16” floor tom, 8x12” rack tom
‘60s Ludwig 9x13 rack tom
‘65 5 1/2x14 Ludwig Acrolite snare drum
‘80s Paiste 14” Sound Edge hi-hat cymbals
‘66 Zildjian 13” hi-hat cymbals
‘80s Zildjian 22’ medium ride cymbal
‘64 Zildjian 18” heavy ride cymbal
‘66 Zildjian 18” thin crash cymbal
‘80s Paiste 16” crash cymbal
Top quality, heavy duty stands and pedals
Ludwig headless tambourine
Zildjian finger cymbals
Film can shaker (rice)
Drum sticks and brushes
Small 8-note Kalimba

Yamaha DTXpressIII Electronic Drum Kit: kick, snare, 3 toms 2 cymbal and Hi Hat pads, 1000+ built in sounds, midi capability

Midi Software:

Pro Tools 8
MOTU Digital Performer 6
Logic Audio 9
Dozens of Virtual Instruments as included with above DAWs
MOTU Mach 5 software sampler plug-in
Reason Adapted
Ableton Live LE
MOTU Unisyn 2.1, 1.5 Midi editor librarian
Emagic Soundiver (primarily for Yamaha RM-50)

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Musical Instruments

Ted Spencer Recording